Answers to some common questions


All you need to know about the transportation all along the Journey.


We tell you all you need to prepare before you come to Spain.

What to Bring

Before you start such a long journey, better check you get all you need.


Depending on your route the transportation can change a little, but mainly we’re going to use private van. For some of the journeys is possible we need to hire speed train or domestic flights.

Yes, besides Spain we recently expanded our business to France and Portugal. An we’re planning to extend to other countries in Europe. 

Of course, we can also issue the flight ticket for you, you just need to ask for it. We’ll find the best choice for the days you want to come.

Trip Preparation

Spain is a safe place, you’re never gonna feel you are in trouble, there is only one important thing you have to concern, look after your belongings, specially in big cities. Just like every big city of any other country.

Well, since we will accompany you all way long, you won’t have language problems. But if you learn a few simple words locals will be more than happy, so they’ll probably give you a smile.

Spain is a warm Country. So you better bring sun protector, else you can buy it in a pharmacy here, there is full of pharmacies in this country.

You can give tips if you please, but not too much and only if you feel happy with the service.

An Important Note About Photography

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What to Bring

Bring at least a cable adapter, you can easily find online the kind of plug we use in Spain.

Also bring home sleepers, Hotels here don’t usually offer them.

If you can get a good deal from your country in order to stay connected in Spain, take it. Otherwise we’ll help to get you a prepaid phone card, you can get one here for a reasonable price.

Spain is a country with a very rich variety of food. I would say every province has their own way of cooking, and their own special dishes, delicious and healthy food. be open minded about food and try as much as you can. don’t worry if one day you miss the food in your country, we will find it for you.

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